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Boulder Lifestyle Magazine, May 2023 Issue

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September 25, 2022 “Avant-garbage” fashion at the CU Museum of Natural History - CU Indepent

In the basement of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Museum of Natural History, 12 stunning outfits are perched atop mannequins in the center of a completely unrelated exhibit about Antarctica. Despite the posters and displays describing our planet’s most elusive continent, the display of couture in the middle of the room undeniably...

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September 13, 2022 ‘Trash the Runway’ Brings a New Meaning to Sustainable Fashion - 303magazine

Common Threads’ Creative Lab takes upcycling to the next level with its program, Trash the Runway, made for students to explore the world of fashion design while being sustainable. This year, the show was held at The University of Colorado Boulder’s Macky Auditorium with a massive turnout to show off all of the creative and earth-friendly looks... 

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Trash the Runway makes Macky debut with 25 youth designers strutting eco-friendly couture - Colorado daily

This year, 25 designers have clocked many hours at Trash the Runway’s home base of Boulder’s The Creative Lab at Common Threads, where the creating and transformation magic takes place.

“We are looking forward to having a live show this year after having to go virtual in 2020 — after the designers had already completed their garments,” Leonard said. “In 2021, we were not able to have in-person workshops or a... 

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CU Museum of Natural History exhibit

Trash the Runway® aims to propel young people toward environmental and social responsibility and to inspire their confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills for the benefit of the greater good. This hands-on workshop and design competition, run by the Creative Lab at Common Threads in Boulder, is now in its 11th year. 

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June 26, 2020 Trash the Runway Matches Fashion and Sustainability - 5280 Magazine 

Since 2009, TTR has showcased the design work of local middle and high school students. The 90-minute competition emphasizes using entirely recycled and found materials—especially ones thrown away on a regular basis—giving students the chance to become both more environmentally aware and creative. Think: An evening gown made from an old trampoline mat...

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FOR ITS 11th YEAR, TRASH THE RUNWAY® RECYCLED COUTURE IS GOING VIRTUAL Trash the Runway®, traditionally a sold-out live runway show competition, is going online! Tune in on June 30TH at 7 pm MST on Boulder8TV or at for TTR virtual, which will deliver the haute-est recycled couture yet. BOULDER, COLORADO – Every Spring, …

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June 25, 2020 Trash the Runway delivers repurposed style with virtual show - Colorado Daily

Since 2010, Trash the Runway – Recycled Couture, formerly Recycled Runway, has provided a platform for aspiring designers to craft eye-catching creations from candy wrappers, aluminum foil, worn pointe ballet shoes, busted bike tubes and even strips of carpet...

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Dec 28, 2018 TRASH THE RUNWAY 

Every Spring, for the past nine years, young designers from around the Metro Area work tirelessly for months to create stunning couture. Their creations are showcased in a final fashion show and competition to an historically sold-out crowd at The Boulder Theater. There is always a range of couture...

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Mar 22, 2018 Recycled Runway GEARS UP FOR ITS 10TH YEAR - Fashion Denver


Last April, a young woman strutted down a runway in the Boulder Theater dressed in a dark fringed skirt and jacket combo. As she gracefully raised her arms to let the long fringe dance and dangle, an already animated crowd went wild and she flashed a couple of peace signs into the crowd at the sold-out theater. Shortly thereafter...


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